First Time Home Seller

After my divorce finalized, I reluctantly undertook the responsibility to sell the marital home. I remembered purchasing the home exhausted me and the Realtor we hired was a nightmare, so I was not looking forward to the selling process at all. As I started preparing to list the house, I immediately became anxious and worried about all there was to do. I knew this task could not be tackled alone, so I quickly realized hiring a Realtor was a must!

Close friends recommended The Quisenberry Team and raved about the quality of their work and professionalism. I met with Tracy to go over all that needed to be done to list my home, pricing, and plans after the sell. Tracy could tell I was very nervous, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed with handling this task. She thoroughly explained the entire process, answered all of my questions, and assured me that she was there to handle everything and make selling my home easy. I am so thankful I used Tracy Quisenberry because that is exactly what she did; she handled everything and made the process so easy!

Tracy is professional, knowledgeable, a great negotiator, and very personable. There was never a time during this process that I did not trust her or her judgment. I highly recommend The Quisenberry Team!

— Jessica